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Home and Office Window Cleaning in Marietta

Window Cleaners Marietta GAWindow cleaning is without a doubt a very necessary house cleaning task. But conventional window cleaning techniques, such as manual scrubbing and polishing, can take up so much of your free time. That’s why it’s always a better idea to have someone else do this task instead of you. No more climbing ladders, no more buckets of water. No more manual labor for you. Take advantage of advanced water-fed extension pole techniques that use only distilled water under pressure to remove stubborn stains and ensure sparkling glass panes after just one cleaning session.

Our Process of Streak-Free Window Cleaning in Marietta

Cleaning windows on your own can be very impractical and frustrating at times. It usually means you have to climb ladders and go around with buckets, rags, and a squeegee. The solution – work with our experienced window cleaners in Marietta and let your windows shine again. You can book this window cleaning service on a regular basis too.

Cleaning windows, sills and PVC frames on higher floors is performed with advanced water-fed extension pole techniques from the ground. Windows on the first floor and inside are cleaned manually with just a squeegee and distilled water. This creates a thin protective layer over the glass surface and ensures your windows stay cleaner for longer. Stubborn stains and smears are pre-treated with specialized eco-friendly cleaning detergents.

  • April P. Ware, Smyrna GA
    We have a french bulldog who loves to lay on the couch while we work all day. After a few years the couch started to smell not so good. We honestly had no idea how to clean it, but a ...
  • Janet B. Hankinson, East Cobb GA
    I really wish it was possible to give more than five stars. Luke's cleaners were prompt and professional. They took the time to give me a thorough estimate, answered all my questions and explained the different cleaning processes they use. ...
  • Christine B. Carter, Marietta GA
    We recently hired Luke's team to take care of our living room carpets. Last time we cleaned them professionally was two years ago when we moved in. The carpets had a few stains I was unable to remove by myself. ...
  • Jennifer M. Garcia, Kennesaw GA
    We have bright sofa and carpets that easily pick up dirt and have to be cleaned at least every 3 months. Decided to call Luke's cleaning team and got a quote before doing the actual work. Made a schedule for ...
  • Marsha C. Richardson, Sandy Springs GA
    The technician took extra care and time to be thorough with a white linen couch in need of cleaning. He explained the process, took his time, and I'm very pleased with the results. I'd recommend the service to anyone in ...

Work With Our Window Cleaners in Marietta GA

  • Benefit from a modern service that is both quicker and safer than conventional window washing
  • No more ladders, no more buckets of water, no more manual scrubbing for you
  • No more harsh chemicals and abrasive materials just distilled water under pressure
  • The final result – scratch-free, smear-free, and polished glass panes
  • Cleaning all reachable window sills and PVC frames too
  • Book for a day and time of your choice
  • Add window cleaning and carpet cleaning to your regular office cleaning service
  • Ask for our special offers when you order more cleaning services at the same time
  • Call (770) 285-7091 now for your free quotes